Xbox One DRM, The Good, The Bad and The Control Freak

The Xbox One DRM Controversy: The Xbox One DRM controversy has been a massive talking point on the internet over the last few weeks. I don’t think a lot of us really believed the Xbox One DRM would require a constant connect to the internet. I was prepared to accept I would have to have go on-line to activate a game, fair enough I have to do this with Windows, and the majority of PC games this year. I wouldn’t have been over the moon about that, however I would have accepted it as once the game is activated its mine… Read More

Xbox One DRM – Official Facts and Licencing Details

Xbox One DRM has been a controversial topic lately, with many people outraged by the idea of having to connect to Xbox Live once every 24 hours to play games. Microsoft could have handled the Xbox One DRM outcry a lot better, instead of letting rumours about the Xbox One DRM run rampant on the internet for the last couple of weeks Official details regarding the Xbox One DRM, always on requirement of the Xbox One and Privacy features have been released by Microsoft. The official announcement includes details about what you can do with the Xbox One, can’t do, along with your rights… Read More